How Pro Outdoor Optimized Sales and Service Efficiency with Deep Lawn

Pro Outdoor

Learn how Pro Outdoors enhanced their sales operations using Deep Lawn.   


Reimagining Sales Approach in a Digital Age

Pro Outdoor ranks as one of the leading companies in the St. Louis area for irrigation, landscape lighting, landscape maintenance, drainage solutions, and lawn care. They sought to improve their sales and expand their customer base. Pro Outdoor recognized changing customer preferences in the digital era and wanted to move away from traditional phone-based quoting methods. Consequently, they prioritized modernizing their sales approach by integrating a tool capable of accurately measuring lawn square footage and pricing services.

We really had to rethink our overall approach for online sales and the e-commerce component. Many individuals want to self-serve and avoid picking up a phone. Deep Lawn allowed us to do just that for the services and memberships we offer.”




Transforming Sales Operations with Deep Lawn

Denny Blackwell joined Pro Outdoors as the Director of Marketing and Creative. He worked closely with Deep Lawn to increase sales and integrate it into their website. Deep Lawn's accurate square footage measurements and automated pricing helped Pro Outdoor boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

“I highly recommend Deep Lawn to any companies facing similar challenges. It’s extremely user-friendly, both internally and for customers.”

Initially unfamiliar with the platform, Denny began learning more about Deep Lawn's features and how they could benefit Pro Outdoor. He appreciated the responsive customer service from the Deep Lawn team and Rick, the COO. 

“Deep Lawn’s customer service deserves 5 stars. Rick is always available to answer my calls and emails, which is a huge plus for me. Any issues or roadblocks are quickly resolved."




Enhancing Sales and Design Precision with Deep Lawn

Denny emphasized that implementing Deep Lawn boosted their sales and profits, enhancing his design skills to create compelling calls to action. He appreciated Deep Lawn for ensuring smooth backend operations while enhancing the customer experience.

“I've successfully incorporated many of my design skills into the customer-facing graphics and features that Deep Lawn offers, enhancing the overall visual appeal and functionality."


Within eight months of launching Deep Lawn, Pro Outdoors experienced increased online sales, particularly their irrigation membership packages. This success was due to Deep Lawn's easy-to-use interface, which improved customer interactions and made marketing more effective. Denny looks forward to growing with Deep Lawn, with its ongoing innovations and customer-centric solutions. 

“In just nine months of using Deep Lawn, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for our marketing and sales efforts. We’ve significantly enhanced and leveraged the online purchasing component of our services and memberships. "







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