The most important page on your website

The most important page on your website - lawn care & pest control

How are you different from all of your competitors?

Most put very little time into highlighting what sets their company apart on their website.

In competitive industries like Lawn Care and Pest Control, it is more important than ever to underscore what is different about your company. 💡

Otherwise, companies just blend into the herd.🐂

The “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your website — and proper effort should be put into making it stand out.

When looking at our analytics on, the “About Us” page is the most viewed page on our website.

Because of this, we have put a concerted effort into adding our story, how we got started, and adding pictures of the team and founders. We are also working on a video that delves deeper into how we are different from most software companies.

A few companies in the lawn care industry that have phenomenal “about us” pages are Langton Group (Greater Chicago Area) and Blue Duck Lawn Care (Greater Indianapolis area).

Joe Langton and John Langton, the owners of Langton Group, nicely tell their story and how they got started — as well as pictures themselves and their team on

Their site helps set them apart from the thousands of competitors that they compete with in the Chicago area. 

Matt Green, the Owner of Blue Duck Lawn Care, has also spent countless hours setting his brand apart from the thousands of lawn care and pest control companies in the Indianapolis metro area. His “About Us” page highlights his company’s origin story, Blue Duck Lawn Care’s countless 5-star reviews, and how him and his team are active in the local community. All of these greatly contribute to standing out from the competition.

Both of these companies are great examples of how your “About Us” page can make your lawn care or pest control company stand out!